Workplace Justice

We fight for policies that support low and middle-income workers and their families. Our workplace justice efforts include organizing and advocating for workers’ rights to create policy and systems change, and engaging in outreach and education about existing rights. We believe a thriving economy is a caring economy and that starts with treating workers as whole people. We need to pass, educate and enforce laws and policies that ensure workers’ rights to uphold their and their families’ wellbeing and economic security.


As convener of the NJ Time to Care Coalition since 2006, we have been working alongside partners to ensure that all working families have paid time to care and more. Learn more about the NJ Time to Care Coalition here.

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Since 2021, we have been working with local community advocates and partners in the NJ Paid Leave Outreach Collaborative to increase workers’ and employers’ awareness and understanding of paid leave in NJ so that all workers can access paid time off when they need it the most. Learn more about the NJ Paid Leave Outreach Collaborative here.

Our Statewide Priorities Include:

  • Adequate Access to Paid Sick Days: Strengthen and Expand NJ’s Earned Sick Days Law
  • Ensure Access to Paid Leave and Economic Security: Enhance Job Protections
  • New Jersey Paid Family and Medical Leave for All: Update and Improve NJ Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance Programs

Our Federal Priorities Include:

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave for All: Pass universal, equitable national paid family and medical leave program.
  • Affordable, Quality Childcare for All

In the past, we’ve successfully advocated for and supported the implementation of:

  • Paid Family Leave: NJ Family Leave Insurance (2008) and its expansion (2019)
  • Paid Sick Days: NJ Earned Sick & Safe Leave Law (2018)
  • Minimum wage increase 
  • Adoption and expansion or tax credits for working families including the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Child and Dependent Care tax credit at the state and federal level.
  • Diane Allen Pay Equity Act (2018) 
  • Expansion of NJ Temporary Disability Insurance (2019). 

To learn more about your rights and our work, visit the NJ Time to Care Coalition website here!