Dena Mottola Jaborska, Executive Director: [email protected]


Mark McNulty, Director of Development: [email protected]

Outreach, Communications, and Marketing

[email protected]

Jerome Montes, Director of Outreach, Communications, and Marketing: [email protected]

Faryal Najeeb, Media Manager: [email protected]

Momtahina Dehel, Communications Manager: [email protected]

Laura Alva Freyre, Bilingual Community Outreach Coordinator: [email protected]

Advocacy and Organizing

Maura Collinsgru, Director of Policy and Advocacy: [email protected]

Liz Glynn, Director of Organizing: [email protected]

Beverly Brown Ruggia, Financial Justice Program Director: [email protected]

Laura Waddell, Health Care Program Director: [email protected]

Yarrow Willman-Cole, Workplace Justice Program Director: [email protected]

Nat Moghe, Workplace Justice Organizer: [email protected]

Ivette Fernandez, Community Outreach Coordinator: [email protected]

Community Reinvestment

Leila Amirhamzeh, Director of Community Reinvestment: [email protected] 


Theresa Dempewolf, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer: [email protected]

Lynn Perry, Staff Support Manager: [email protected]

Charmaine Arthurs-Murphy, Junior Accountant: [email protected]


Rosemary Nwabueze, Director of Empowerment: [email protected]

Health Care Enrollment

[email protected]

Gabrielle Escribano, Director of ACA Enrollment: [email protected]

Karla Zepeda, Navigator Application Counselor: [email protected]

Gabriel Ortiz-Gallego, Navigator Application Counselor: [email protected]

Melanie Machuca-Perera, Navigator Application Counselor: [email protected]

Clarissa Vega, Navigator Application Counselor: [email protected]

Financial Coaching

Paula Mirk, Director of Financial Coaching: [email protected]

Shalini Rajput, Financial Coach: [email protected]

Tax Preparation

Naomi Anderson, Director of VITA & TCE: [email protected]

Marcia Dominici, Assistant Director of VITA & TCE: [email protected]

NJCA Oil Group

Wende Nachman, Oil Group Director: [email protected]

Lelena Graham, Administrative Assistant: [email protected]

HUD-Certified Housing Counseling

Bonita Holmes, Director of Loan Counseling & Loss Mitigation: [email protected]

Yamily Quiles, Bilingual Office Administrator: [email protected]

Oscar Hernandez, Senior HUD-Certified Housing Counselor: [email protected]

Sandra Lambe, Senior HUD-Certified Housing Counselor: [email protected]

Michelle Maas, HUD-Certified Housing Counselor: [email protected]

Irvin Mayorquin, HUD-Certified Housing Counselor: [email protected]

Melonie Vazquez, HUD-Certified Housing Counselor: [email protected]

Jessica Zevallos, HUD-Certified Housing Counselor: [email protected]

Fair Housing

Alon Hawkins, Director of Fair Housing: [email protected]

Lenise James, Fair Housing Test Coordinator: [email protected]

Joseph Batista, Fair Housing Intake and Outreach Coordinator: [email protected]