Financial Coaching

Are you ready to transform your life and take back control of your finances?

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Our coaches partner with you to explore the resources and solutions that best suit your personal needs. In your sessions, we will:

  • Set goals
  • Build a personalized Action Plan
  • Understand your credit score and credit report
  • Reduce debt
  • Save for the future


“When I first walked into the NJ Citizen Action office I had a credit score of in the mid-500s. Very low, and it was embarrassing. With NJCA’s help I paid off my debt in a year on a $40,000 income. I’ll be coming back for more excellent free help to purchase my first home.”
– Kira, mother of two

“As a leader of a non-profit, I am always looking for ways to show my staff how much their hard work is appreciated. Many of our employees are raising children, working more than one job, going to school, or paying off students loans. Self-care is so important in this field; by asking NJ Citizen Action to provide workshops and individual financial counseling, I was able to provide a service that gave people an opportunity to review their personal goals and develop a plan to reduce their financial stressors. I highly recommend NJ Citizen Action!”
– Robyn L. Gorman, CEO of Hudson Partnership CMO

“Without this program, my life could have gone in a whole different direction.” 
– Jane, bank clerk