Community Education

We offer a number of FREE services aimed at educating and empowering members of the community. Workshops and trainings are offered in both English and Spanish.


Workshop topics include:

  • Free educational workshops to raise awareness of fair housing laws
  • Consumer financial protections, predatory lending, and other financial frauds
  • Health care literacy workshops about Open Enrollment, Special Enrollment, Health Insurance literacy and more.

To request a Fair Housing Consumer Education Workshop, contact Jesús Soto Cóndor at [email protected].

To request educational information for Seniors on financial fraud, please contact Paula Mirk at [email protected] or by calling 862-229-3014. 

To host a free health literacy workshop, please contact Gabrielle Escribano, Director of ACA Enrollment at [email protected] or (973) 745-3816 or fill out our workshop intake form below.